Buy Rush Poppers

Buy Rush

Down in price and not in value this iconic brand name Rush seems to live them all out. Got a few different types including black and ultra strength, pellet and large. Shoppers today demand something more due to competition mainly so to buy at a reduced price keeps everyone happy.

The Captain with the ever last logo of “Never Fake It” golden yellow labeling potent power will out live us all. If the older generations were to be asked which favorite popper would you choose it would always be Rush.

The black one is mystical and new exciting with a super bland flavor, the pellet is shaken not stirred to release more power into the liquid, agitation. Easy carry for immediate use if you have beeĀ  walking or moving the contents around in your packet, ready to go! The ultra strength speaks for it self immediate effect andĀ  long lasting. Enjoy the pleasure with this one it comes in waves.