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Buying on-line saves you money! In reality shopping for Rush poppers or any other major brand saves up to fifty percent and keeps your hard earned cash in your pocket. We offer cutting out the middle men and the high street shops by selling to you direct from our warehouse mainland Europe. We ship out daily globally except Austria and to other countries where aromas are illegal. Not illegal to ship but to move on in country. Plus care has to be taken when buying for hotter climates as the poppers bottles tend to ” blow”. PWD seals bottles of course and allows for some expansion but others have more tolerant bottle neck seals. However as most of our shipments are bound for Europe no worries on exploding or venting popper bottles.

Rush Poppers

Rush Poppers


Rush is still a favourite and has been around since the nineteen seventies. Poppers however have been around since Roman times and even though laws and regs are in place now a days the punch received from Roman times would have been a far more risky and heavy blow so to speak.

The regs are different also for alternate countries so prior to placing a shopping order be sure to check out your own country specific rules laws and regulations!