Cheap Rush Poppers

Rush well known and PWD liquid aroma that has been on our high streets and gay shop and sex shop outlets for decades. The chemical mix has changed but the power punch from Captain Rush has not. Laws change the mixture of chemicals as to what is illegal and therefore what is legal. Depending on where you are located in the world will dictate the ins and outs of using poppers or not as the case may be.
Lots of fake brands bout but such is the iconic Rush brand name that regular users are hard to fool. The seventies saw a marked increase in Poppers usage and it was linked to AIDS but of course has since found out to be totally untrue. Many new comers to the market have come and gone but flavour of the month is for bigger and stronger brands with even more powerful brand names. Extra Strong and Man scent for example conjure up super strength poppers and also available in larger bottle , larger than the normal 15 millilitres that is. How’re Rush poppers having established themselves as market leaders over time with a proven track record, wont be giving up their crown too early!

shop cart
Shopping for cheaper brands now could not be easier with the advent of the online shopping cart. Of course great deals to be had and even bigger ones to be had with bulk “tray” buying. Popular choices now are for a bit of a mix and match, acquiring your favourite popper and combing it in a combo pack with a new comer to the market table. Again with discounts from the quantity buyer: The more you buy the more you save , it should be noted that some popper have a shelf life ( Increased by placing in the fridge ) as opposed to leaving out in the sun which can lead to the bottle liquid expanding and venting contents. Best keep a in date stock and in a cool dark place.

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